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Windows 7 users can easily tải về Internet Explorer 11, assuming that"s still their first choice.If you are one of them, get Internet Explorer 11 (32 bit / 64 bit) from the official site by simply applying our detailed procedure.The downloads are available for Windows Server 2008 RT Service Paông chồng 1 too, as you’ll find below.If you already have Internet Explorer on your PC, you just need to learn how khổng lồ properly update it.

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If you don’t already have sầu any version of Windows Explorer installed on your Windows, you can simply tải về it.

Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 is available lớn be downloaded in no less than 95 languages from Microsoft’s official site.

Microsoft said the following:

With this final release, IE11 brings the same leading standards support -with improved performance, security, privacy, and reliability that consumers enjoy on Windows 8.1 – khổng lồ Windows 7 customers.

Microsoft also said that the final release of Internet Explorer 11 is 30 percent faster than the other browsers on the market:

On Windows 7, IE11 is 9% faster than IE10, which is nearly 30% faster than the nearest competitive sầu browser. The opportunities continue for HTML5 to lớn make both websites and applications better. Those opportunities are exciting for everyone on the Web. Like IE11 on Windows 8.1, this release brings high performance HTML5 development khổng lồ Windows 7.

The downloads are made available for Windows 7 Service Pachồng 1 và also for Windows Server 2008 RT Service Paông chồng 1.

⇒ Download Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 – 32 bit

⇒ Download Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 – 64 bit

⇒ Windows Server 2008 RT Service Pachồng 1. – 64 bit

2. Use the Windows Updater

Open the Windows Start Button.Type Update in the tìm kiếm box, select Windows Update from the results, then press Enter.Cliông chồng Change Settings on the left pane.On Important Updates, select that you want them.Then, under Recommended Updates, select that you want them delivered to you the same way as the Important Updates.

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Fortunately, for those who already have sầu an old version of Internet Explorer installed on their operating system, there is an easier way.

If you have sầu Windows Update ticked lớn deliver automatic updates, then you are supposed to lớn get the latest version automatically. Make sure lớn enable the automatic updates by following the aforementioned steps.

3. Try an alternative browser

Another option that does not require more than an internet connection is khổng lồ download a browser that still supports Windows 7.

Many users prefer keeping the Windows 7 operating system, which is why you can still find good browsers for it.

If you want lớn use a stylish Internet browser that is still receiving updates, then rest assured that Opera is a great choice for you. An up-to-date browser means better mạng internet security.

The browser comes with a miễn phí VPN và Ad-blocker, not lớn mention that it’s one of the fasthử nghiệm choices out there. Moreover, the browser also has integrated messenger & web helpers for those in need.

Get Opera

Internet Explorer used the be the most used browser as it was the default browser for Windows 8.1. Now, many users upgraded from Windows 8 khổng lồ Windows 10, & things have drastically changed.

If that’s still your browser of choice, rest assured that you can always find the necessary tips & tricks on our website.