m Rae Won is a seasoned actor, though he’s only 35, he is considered a seasoned và a versatile actor. He can pull off roles in different genres like rom-com, melodrama or serious drama and action both in the small and big screen. With movies lượt thích My Little Bride, Sunflower & Gangphái mạnh Blues and successful television dramas like Rooftop Room Cat, Love sầu Story in Harvard, A Thousands Promise và Punch and numerous acting awards under his belt, he is indeed one of the best actors South Korea have sầu. Many actors & actresses of the younger generation admitted that they are a bạn of hyên ổn. Even Park shin Hye herself admitted in one of her interviews that she is a big fan and watched most of his dramas và movies.

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Park Shin Hye though young at 26, is considered the senior of actors her age because she started as a child actress. She always acted with flower boys around her age like Lee Jong Suk và Lee Min Ho but in the Korean Drama Doctors, this is the first time she acted with an older leading man…as she said in the press conference “just a little older” and she’s delighted to act with someone she admires as an actor and someone she can điện thoại tư vấn an Oppage authority which is of course, Klặng Rae Won.

Park Shin Hye’s agency admitted that they weren’t expecting the drama lớn be a huge hit. Since Park Shin Hye has been in successful dramas lately, they believe that no one lands on a successful drama every time & they are prepared if this drama became a flop. The director of Doctors has initial doubts in casting Kyên Rae Won for the role of Hong Jo Hong because lately, he’s been known for svào characters in his past movies & television dramas.

But once the camera started rolling và stills and teasers came out for the drama Doctors, the hesitations và the doubts about Park Shin Hye và Kim Rae Won’s chemistry is now a thing of the past. Park Shin Hye and Kyên Rae Won stirred the Kdrama land with their undeniable chemistry. The drama gets better & better every time và the ratings also gets better as Park Shin Hye already fulfilled her promise khổng lồ sing và dance in the TWICE’s Cheer Up which he promised to bởi vì if the drama reached more than 15%. The drama started at 11.4% Nationwide ratings from TNmS & achieved 17.8% ratings on the 8th episode.

The superb writing of Ha Myung Hee and the great delivery of Klặng Rae Won & Park Shin Hye of their lines make the Kdrama lovers fall in love with their team up. Many fans cannot get over with the lines on the roof top when they first saw each other again after more than a decade. Kyên ổn Rae Won said “Are you married?” “Do you have a Boyfriend” “So we’re set”. Kyên Rae Won haven’t lost the touch, he can make every girl’s heart melt with his acting. Park Shin Hye gets better and better every time. I must say, this is her best role. It’s Park Shin Hye at her best. These two people vị not need a gr& dramatic scene khổng lồ express their acting prowess because even on simple conversations và even when their faces are covered in the operating room, their eyes can show great acting & they can show great chemistry. They act so good that they don’t seem lượt thích acting, it’s lượt thích they are the real Hong Ji Hong and Yoo Hye Jung living their lives on the screen.

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Park Shin Hye & Klặng Rae Won didn’t disappoint. The pairing is a good combination và kudos khổng lồ those who decided on this team up. Their chemistry is undeniable that leads to the drama success.