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Get Full-round và Real-time Protection for Your PC, Personal Data & Online Browsing with Award-winning Antivirus

The PC Antivirut that Fits Your Needs Malware Fighter PRO is award-winning antivirus which gives you three layers of online protection. It prevents malware from infecting your computer & stops hackers spying or stalking on you.

Bitdefender Engine

Combine engine with Bitdefender engine to accurately detect viruses, spyware, và malware.

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Ransomware Protection

Protect your PC against ransomware which encrypts your files & demands ransom for decrypting them.

Hidden Traces

Automatically erase your traces when you cthua kém your browser to hide your online activities.

Privacy Protection

Bloông chồng your important data with password và stop hackers from reading or changing your “blocked data”.

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Camera Guard

Protect against webcam hacking by stopping intruders from using your webcam without permission.


What Others Say

Software Informer

"The program uses two AV engines, its own và BitDefender, & seems khổng lồ be effective sầu against malware that cannot be detected by other similartools so it is good that it can run together with your standard AV software. It can detect a wide array of spyware, ransomware, adware, Trojans, worms, keyloggers và bots."

Bob Bassett

"We used to use up lớn a dozen different programs to keep our machines running smoothly & keep the bad guys out. It took hours every week to maintain security và performance. Now, with Malware Fighter Pro và Advanced System Care Pro, everything is in one place & it takes us just a few minutes every couple of days khổng lồ vị the same jobs with much more confidence. We have sầu not had a problem since using your products."

Peter Stoffers

"Some years ago somebody toàn thân drew my attention to Malware Fighter. First I was sceptic. But after installing it, it became my favourite anti-malware program. It is very easy to use. Through the years it already has detected several threats và removed it. In cooperation with the other programs, lượt thích for example ASC, I have a good PC protection. I now recommkết thúc these programs to lớn all my friends & family."

Gelu Batir

"I am very satisfied with your hàng hóa Malware Fighter. Previously this sản phẩm came lớn me I had a lot of troubles with malicious interferences, I was not able to lớn watch an entire movie or concert, which I lượt thích very much. Due khổng lồ your hàng hóa now every operation is clear, safe and well protected. It scans my máy tính xách tay without affecting its performance while I also recommended this hàng hóa khổng lồ two of my friends."

David Cassidy

"I would like khổng lồ say a great thanks to lớn all the staff at for working hard to lớn bring us the best programs out. It is great update you have made for your users. It is lot quicker at scanner and easy to use. People who really want a good Malware & ant-virus program which is also good value for money need to lớn look no further than Malware Fighter. I would recommover that they forget the rest and get the best which is Malware Fighter."


"I have used many malware fighters but none has come near the efficiency & accuracy of Malware Fighter. It is easy to lớn set up, easy to use & easy khổng lồ feel relaxed that your computer is not to lớn be invaded by maleficent invaders set upon infecting your communications with viruses và program destroying malware."


Choose Your Plan

Remove sầu Security Threats, Bloông chồng Unauthorized Access and Guarantee Safe Browsing

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PC Quantity

1 PC 3 PCs

Malware Database

9,000,000+ 209,000,000+ 209,000,000+

Real-time Protection

Basic Premium Premium

Bitdefender Antivirus Engine

Prsự kiện Ransomware Attacks

Stop Virus Infections via USB

Safeguard Online Privacy

Secure Personal Information

Protect Against Webcam Hacking

Premium Technical Support

1 Year / 3 PCs
* Malware Fighter 8 PROBuy Now (Only $19.95)Free Download

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